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== Looking Glass Client ==
This guide will step you through building the looking glass client on Debian based systems from source, before you attempt to do this you should have a basic understanding of how to use the shell.
=== Building the Application ===
;NOTE: The most common compile error is related to backtrace support this can be disabled by adding the following option to the cmake command. '''-DENABLE_BACKTRACE=0'''.
Should this all go well you should be left with the file '''looking-glass-client'''. Before you run the client you will first need to configure either Libvirt or Qemu (whichever you prefer) and then setup set up the Windows side service.
=== libvirt Configuration ===
=== Installing the IVSHMEM Driver ===
Windows will not prompt for a driver for the IVSHMEM device, instead , it will use a default null (do nothing) driver for the device. To install the IVSHMEM driver you will need to go into the device manager and update the driver for the device "PCI standard RAM Controller" under the "System Devices" node.
A signed Windows 10 driver can be obtained from Red Hat for this device from the below address:


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