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Start downloading the correct version for your release from You can either choose between Official Releases which is is stable or Release Candidates that tries to be stable but has new features. Note: If your looking-glass-client was created by building from the master branch you have to pick the Bleeding Edge version.

The windows host application captures the windows desktop and stuffs the frames into the shared memory via the shared memory virtual device, without this Looking Glass will not function. It is critical that the version of the host application matches the version of the client application, as differing versions can be, and usually are, incompatible.

To get the Windows-Host-Application running after restart you need to run it as a privileged task we do that by starting cmd.exe as administrator and running a command in it which creates a windows task.

SCHTASKS /Create /TN "Looking Glass" /SC  ONLOGON /RL HIGHEST /TR C:\Users\<YourUserName>\<YourPath>\looking-glass-host.exe

Copy the following command in to your cmd shell and replace the <YourUserName> with your username (e.g. "games") and your <YourPath> with the part where the looking-glass-host.exe is stored (e.g. "Documents") .

Screenshot cmd windowstask.png

Now you simply need to hit enter in to the cmd shell and restart the vm to test if it worked.